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Revolutionising Telecom Infrastructure

At the confluence of breakthrough technology and transformative business values stands Summit Digitel, one of India’s largest telecom infrastructure providers. We are at the cusp of major paradigm shifts in the digital age.

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At a Glance

Summit Digitel is one of India’s largest passive infrastructure providers, ensuring quality products and services across the company. Our teams collaborate internally and with external partners to provide the highest quality of services. Our operations can be divided into three components: environment, safety, and service.

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The Summit Way

Not only are we the leading infrastructure providers for telecom, but also one of the most desired employers. Our stakeholders - be it our employees or our partners - are our towers of strength. We see them as the co-creators of the well-connected future that we envision. We foster an inclusive, high-growth ecosystem where each individual can explore and develop themselves to their full potential.

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Tenets We Live By

We deeply believe that we are responsible for the spaces that we inhabit, be it environmental or social. Environmental sustainability is as pivotal for us as business sustainability is, for both are interlinked and can't be achieved in isolation. We are indebted for the resources that we are blessed with, which is why every effort that we undertake has ecological and cultural balance at its core.

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How will 5G change our lives, and what are challenges to look out for?

A friend of mine recently travelled to Singapore and did a speed test of 5G services on his mobile phone, he was stunned to notice download speeds averaging over 500 Mbps. One can only imagine the possibilities of an India where even a citizen in a remote village has the power of 500 Mbps internet speeds in their hands, and that day isn’t far away.

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ESG is growing as a core metric for company success

A lot of companies today are coming out with initiatives and commitments and goals aimed at carbon neutrality or planning to achieve net zero and reduce their carbon footprints, along with decreasing greenhouse emissions. This is happening due to increased consciousness of what people consume, and a deeper understanding of the impact individuals and companies have on the environment as a whole.

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