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About Us

At the confluence of breakthrough technology and transformative business values stands Summit Digitel, one of India’s largest telecom infrastructure providers. We are at the cusp of major paradigm shifts in the digital age, and with approximately 1,75,000 lakh operational sites and growing, we are committed to expediting the vision of a truly connected and digital nation by ensuring seamless connectivity.

Our Profile

Summit Digitel is one of India’s largest telecom infrastructure providers, with approximately 1,75,000 operational telecom sites. Our sites have been designed to support the latest standards in telecom technology. Mobile network operators may also utilize our infrastructure for emerging applications/network solutions like IoT, AI, Massive MIMO, and Outdoor Small Cells. The site infrastructure is scalable and can be customised as per mobile network operator requirements and for any future technologies. We enable our partners to provide seamless voice and data services in both urban and remote rural areas.

At Summit Digitel, expertise, passion and new-age technologies are central to achieving scale and robust infrastructure which will enable the telecom industry to take its next leap. Our newly-built towers, with their strategic locations, are largely connected by fibre backhaul, which provides a unique platform to capitalise on the rollout of 5G and future technologies.