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How will 5G change our lives, and what are challenges to look out for?

A friend of mine recently travelled to Singapore and did a speed test of 5G services on his mobile phone, he was stunned to notice download speeds averaging over 500 Mbps. One can only imagine the possibilities of an India where even a citizen in a remote village has the power of 500 Mbps internet speeds in their hands, and that day isn’t far away.

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ESG is growing as a core metric for company success

A lot of companies today are coming out with initiatives and commitments and goals aimed at carbon neutrality or planning to achieve net zero and reduce their carbon footprints, along with decreasing greenhouse emissions. This is happening due to increased consciousness of what people consume, and a deeper understanding of the impact individuals and companies have on the environment as a whole.

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Summit Digitel partners with Airtel for tower infrastructure

According to the company, its sites are compatible with all the communication technology standards

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5G in India: What the Future Looks like for Customers and Telecom Industry

Advancements in the telecom industry have rapidly changed global outlook and functioning. The next innovation with the potential to shift global perspectives is 5G technology. Yet to be launched in India, it is set to revolutionize not just the telecom industry but also other sectors, including education and healthcare. People in India are already aware of this, and they are keen to shift to 5G on their phones. 5G technology is also set to usher in technological progress, most notably in the case of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G itself benefits from the use of AI, especially in network traffic control. This interdependence might lead to the creation of new business and revenue models as well.

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Connectivity: The nervous system of modern times

"Connecting India is not just a tagline anymore, it is now a reality being undertaken every second of the day by mobile operators and mobile infrastructure companies," says Joshi.

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Summit Digitel raises $500 mn via maiden offshore bonds

The proceeds will be used for capital expenditure and repayment of existing high-cost debt.

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