Our Values

The Cornerstone of Our


Be the most preferred digital infrastructure partner offering end-to-end innovative solutions in a sustainable manner


Sharing happiness by enabling connections

Our Values


What it means to us

Providing a safe work environment remains paramount. The feeling of assurance that one will return safely from work, is more significant than anything else. Therefore, safety of our colleagues, partners and customers is essential. A safe work environment is not only about preventing injuries or risks but making employee well-being a priority. We want to create Summit Digitel a safe workplace where our employees feel secure and enjoy a safe space.

What we care about

Putting health, safety, and security of customers, partners, employees first

Strict adherence to processes and guidelines to eliminate risk

Staying vigilant and reporting any incident impacting security of people and infrastructure

Ensuring the safety of the ecosystem in which we operate


What it means to us

Respect means the acknowledgment and appreciation of differences in gender, caste, creed and ethnicity, regardless of the position one holds. We want our colleagues and team members to respect not only the organizational values but also the law of the land, the environment, the people, and their ideas, opinions and beliefs.

What we care about

Upholding the dignity of all stakeholders

Embracing diversity and accepting varied ideas and opinions

Creating an inclusive and caring environment where people feel safe to express divergent views

Being ethical, compliant, and rule-bound in our ways of working and decision-making

Entrepreneurial Mindset

What it means to us

Nothing great is ever achieved by doing things the way they have always been done. Every team member working for Summit Digitel should always be ready to accept responsibilities, take fearless decisions and courageous actions to overcome challenges.

What we care about

Being externally-oriented, agile, and adaptive to change

Exhibiting initiative, ownership, and accountability at work

Having a futuristic vision and taking informed risks to explore new opportunities

Challenging the status quo in our existing work / business model


What it means to us

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. Commitment to continuous improvements will help us achieve superlative results and deliver effectively.

What we care about

Promoting continuous improvement with a focus on effectiveness and efficiency

Being customer-centric, understanding, and addressing customer needs to build deeper relationships

Focusing on operational excellence and professionalism (quality, timeliness, and accuracy)

Leading the way by adopting and institutionalizing world class best practices to gain competitive edge

Our Culture Pillars

Summit Digitel Culture Pillars

Be High- Performance

We are agile, resolute and decisive in our actions, and believe in exceeding expectations at all times


We continually ideate, experiment and evolve to achieve breakthrough innovations

Team Spirit

We are cohesive & caring, by utilizing our collective wisdom we are a richer & stronger organization


We are open, authentic & trusting in our interactions, and co-create an empowered workplace