Whistle Blower Policy

Ensuring Fairness, Always

Whistle-Blower Complaints Redressal System

Summit Digitel is committed to providing its stakeholders with open channels of communication and fostering a culture of integrity and ethical decision-making. In line with this commitment, we encourage and expect our stakeholders to come forward and report any serious concerns arising from suspected or actual violations of codes, or any other illegal or unethical behavior through the Whistle-Blower Complaints Redressal System.

The 24X7, toll-free Ethics Hotline is managed by an independent, third-party provider.

Summit Digitel has a multilingual Ethics Hotline that facilitates such reporting when normal channels of communication have proven ineffective or are not preferred.

The complaint can be registered by calling the Ethics Hotline
Toll Free Number - 000 800 0502 218
or by visiting http://summitdigitel.ethicspoint.com